Rivombrosa 3

The recording of the TV drama series Elisa di Rivombrosa will resume Monday the 7th of May, from this year the series will be entitled Rivombrosa 3.

The tomb that doesn’t exist
The tomb of the Count Ristori, in the virtual castle of. Rivombrosa

We are referring, of course, to the tomb of Count Fabrizio Ristori, the handsome yet unfortunate protagonist of the TV drama series Elisa di Rivombrosa, which has now reached the eve of the third series and which is set in the Castle.

During a duel with his long-time enemy, Duke Ranieri, Fabrizio is the victim of a treacherous injury and he dies, breaking the heart of Elisa, who has just become his wife.

To perpetuate her memory of him, Elisa decides to make the Castle Park the final resting place of her lost love, and the drama unwinds with a romantic plot that will undoubtedly capture the attention of television viewers.

The success met by the serial was such that the public identified not only Rivombrosa with the Castle of Agliè, but also the television story with the events that actually took place at the Castle, as though the story of Elisa and Fabrizio actually occurred within the rooms of the Castle and the avenues of its Park.

And so young girls (and even not so young ones) who visit the castle ask the tour guides if they can place a flower on the tomb of Count Ristori...

With the same spirit, many visitors who admire the library are marvelled at the speed with which it was restored: in the TV drama series in fact a fire destroys the library of the Castle of…… Rivombrosa